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About Rental Advisors

I started this company in 2005 in Houston, Texas with one market. In 2011, we grew to 10 markets and launched the National Association of Apartment Locators. In 2016, we changed our business model to focus on data feeds. In 2021, we expanded to 34 markets. In 2023, we acheived $1M+ in revenue by selling national data feeds to companies who sell to renters.


"I've been working with Jodi since 2011. She demonstrates a deep understanding of how to use apartment data to generate and convert leads from my website. I'm impressed with the data feed integration and the positive affect on my SEO. It streamlines the front-end search experience for my clients, and reduces the time it takes to create an apartment list on the back-end. This technology has undoubtedly set my business apart in the competitive locating industry."
David Moore @ David The Locator
"I'm impressed with the exceptional technical skills integrating our company website with the IDX data feed. The implementation not only streamlined the apartment search process for our clients but also significantly increasesd our SEO rank. Jodi demonstrated a deep understanding of real estate data integration, ensuring that our website maintained it's existing SEO rank. The data feed has undoubtedly set my business apart, and I am grateful that it elevates our online presence in this competitive industry."
LaTressa Bagby
Apartments by Ebby Halladay
"I contacted Jodi in 2021 needing locating software in Charlotte, NC. A guy built a database for me many years ago, but it no longer worked and keeping it updated was a nightmare. In less than 4 weeks, Jodi designed a working database with every apartment in Charlotte. She responds to our changes quickly, she's passionate about helping people, and she has an idea or solution for everything. Collaborating with Jodi is a game changer."
Cheryl Murphy @ Click Pack Move


As an experienced website developer, I have facts and evidence on why every locator should have a lead generating website. However, a lead generating website requires a significant initial financial investment and that may not be your goal at the present time . We’ve produced many #1 ranked locating websites and we’ve worked with more locators than any single website design company.


If you're on a shoestring budget and can only afford $25-$30 per month, look into Wix.com or other DIY solution. Very limited SEO but can capture a few leads.

Locator IDX

If you're on a shoestring budget but want leads to search apartments from your website, subscribe to Locator IDX. It's a single page website with the apartment database already installed for $99/month.

WordPress Landing Page

If you want a WordPress website so you can grow it over time and spread out the financial investment, inquire about our WordPress landing page. It launches your professional online presence with a limited budget.

WordPress Beginner

If you want a WordPress website and can afford to invest $1,500-$2,000, we can deliver a robust website, SEO strategy, and import 50-75 property listings of your choice. You will have a foundational site to build quality content and generate leads.

WordPress Intermediate

If you want a WordPress website and want to make a statement and want to rank quickly, then consider investing $2,500 - $3,000 into this website + data package. Ranking takes approximately 6-12 months so only invest if you're truly committed to building your locating brand.

WordPress Advanced (Custom)

We partner with locators who are invested in building a locating brand for the long term. Most locators aren't tech savvy and need a technology partner that knows the business. We can help create a plan to launch your website in 6-8 weeks, build ranking over the next 6-12 months, and generate consistent online leads.

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We started building locating websites in 2016 as a way to sell our IDX. Locators wanted to display apartment listings on a website but they didn’t know how, so we launched a design service. A website is critical to sustain a successful apartment locating business. It’s a central communication hub to generate new leads and repeat & referral clients.

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