Set Up Fee $7500 + $249/month

"Elevate your locating brand and stand out in the highly competitive locating industry."

Google Search Engine Optimization

  • A quality website acts as the cornerstone of your SEO strategy, boosting both organic and local search visibility.
  • Without a quality SEO strategy your website becomes a very expensive business card. After the design is complete, you should start your marketing strategy to drive traffic to your site immediately.
  • By implementing best practices in website design and content optimization, you’ll rank higher in search engine results, ensuring that your business is easily discoverable by potential clients searching for apartments online.
  • We utilize the premier SEO optimization software SEM Rush to construct your SEO strategy, find low competition keywords, and design a URL naming strategy.
  • After we launch your site, Google is going to rank your site initially on page 15-20 of their search results. They aren’t going to take traffic away from existing sites and give it to you. However, with a consistent strategy you should be able to get to page one within six months.

Optimized Lead Generation

  • Harness the power of online marketing with a quality website designed specifically for apartment locating.
  • Everything from the web page verbiage, the searchable property listings, the apartment map, and lead capture forms are tailored specifically for renters and apartment locators.
  • Our IDX Search Forms create a gateway for your website visitors to start an apartment search when it’s convenient for them and save properties to a list.
  • IDX leads convert at a much higher rate than static or generic contact form. Link IDX leads to your CRM so your website becomes an active lead funnel.
  • A well-crafted site, paired with strategic online marketing efforts, ensures a steady influx of high-quality leads actively seeking a new apartment, giving you a competitive edge in the market.

Instant Return On Investment

  • Investing in a quality website pays dividends with each lead generated through online marketing efforts, quickly offsetting the initial cost of design and resulting in a high return on investment.
  • Every business has start up costs but with the high cost of rent it shouldn’t take long to re-coup your investment if the average commission rate in your area is 50% of the first month’s rent. If the cost of a skillfully executed website is $10,000 then a skillful locator should make that money back with 10-12 closed transactions. Simply close three extra transactions a month for four months which shouldn’t be difficult with a new website.
  • If you use your website as a lead funnel and connect it to your CRM your repeat and referral clients should increase by 30%-40% and pay you dividends year after year.
  •  A well executed website can become your most profitable business asset that connects all of your business systems and automation.

Apartment Locating WordPress Themes

Large selection of pre-built websites. Launch your real estate website in minutes. This theme is integrated with service like a CRM for real estate agents, lead generation, website management and more. Learn more on their website.

Offers limitless customizations and functionality. Hundreds of out of the box listing templates for you to choose from. More built in plugins than most theme’s but also requires someone with moderate technical/design skills to customize.

HomePress is IDX Integrated Real Estate Theme for Realtor, Broker, Real Estate Agent & Apartment Locator. This theme covers all aspects: tailor-made layouts, super customizable, customer first approach & Elementor page builder.

The average time to complete a custom website is 4-6 weeks. We require 1/2 of the payment now ($3750) and the other 1/2 in 30 days.

Set Up Fee $7500 + $249/month

After you purchase the custom website package, you will receive a checklist of items we need within 14 days so we can start your project.

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