Set Up Fee $899 + $249/month

"Stand out in the highly competitive locating industry and elevate your online presence."

Outshine Competitors

  • With a professionally designed website and strong online presence, you’ll outshine competitors who lack a robust online strategy.
  • Providing a dynamic and user-friendly experience through searchable apartment listings is a necessity for driving business growth and staying ahead of your competitors.
  • Static websites and static contact forms are an outdated practice that fails to capitalize on the potential of converting website visitors into clients.
  • By investing in website design optimized with an IDX data feed, you gain a competitive edge in the apartment locating industry, positioning your business as a trusted and reliable resource for clients seeking a new apartment.

Instant Return On Investment

  • Investing in a quality website pays dividends with each lead generated through online marketing efforts, quickly offsetting the initial cost of design and resulting in a high return on investment.
  • Every business has start up costs but with the high cost of rent it shouldn’t take long to re-coup your investment if the average commission rate in your area is 50% of the first month’s rent. If the cost of a skillfully executed website is $10,000 then a skillful locator should make that money back with 10-12 closed transactions. Simply close three extra transactions a month for four months which shouldn’t be difficult with a new website.
  • If you use your website as a lead funnel and connect it to your CRM your repeat and referral clients should increase by 30%-40% and pay you dividends year after year.
  •  A well executed website can become your most profitable business asset that connects all of your business systems and automation.

After you purchase the landing page package, you will receive a checklist of items we need within 14 days so we can start your project.

Set Up Fee $899 + $249/month

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