San Diego Apartment Locating Website Design

We've been building apartment locating software since 2005. We are the only company that offers an apartment data feed and integrates it with a WordPress real estate theme. We can design, integrate, and launch an apartment locating website faster than any other company.

Pick A WordPress Real Estate Theme

Buyer Beware: Many of our clients come to us after they hired a developer to design a different theme, and the project was never finished. Many developers don't understand the complexity of a data feed and have never heard of apartment locating. They assume it's the same as a Realtor website.

We recommend these three WordPress real estate theme’s because they offer maximum features, flexibility, and search functionality. Each can be customized with your branding, and match your preferred look and feel. Click the templates below to see their design ideas. If you picked out a different WordPress real estate theme, please go to our website template page for tips before you buy.


Offers limitless customizations and functionality. Hundreds of out of the box listing templates for you to choose from. More built in plugins than most theme's but also requires someone with moderate technical/design skills to customize.


Large selection of pre-built websites. Launch your real estate website in minutes. This theme is integrated with service like a CRM for real estate agents, lead generation, website management and more. Learn more on their website.


HomePress is IDX Integrated Real Estate WordPress Theme for Realtor, Broker, Real Estate Agent & Apartment Locator. This theme covers all aspects: tailor-made layouts, super customizable, customer first approach & Elementor page builder.

Approximately 95 Hours @ $75/Hour

Step 1 - Set up domain and install WordPress
Step 2 - Create data feed and integrate it with WP All Import
Step 3 - Set up core pages, navigation, and branding
Step 4 - Import data feed and populate property listings
Step 5 - Google Analytics, testing, and SEO audit

Website Development Steps

What to expect after you purchase our website design package.

We only build apartment locating websites. We’ve been doing it for so many years we have the process down to simplicity. After you invest in your business by purchasing our website design package, we email a list of items we need before we start. It’s a small list like your domain, TREC items, website samples, etc. We will also provide a written contract with the project dates that includes a 50% refund if we don’t deliver on time. While we are building your site, you will need to work on content. We can’t write the content because all of our clients would sound the same, plus you want to make sure your unique brand and vision is communicated accurately.

Pick A WordPress Theme
Pick A WordPress Theme

Pick one of our recommend real estate themes or email us before you purchase a theme to make sure it's safe and not vulnerable to malware.

Purchase Hosting & Domain
Purchase Hosting & Domain

We recommend Managed WordPress Hosting on It's very inexpensive, it's fast, and they have excellent support and security tools included. Add Rental Advisors as a user with admin access. We also need to know where you purchased your domain.


We will install WordPress, the theme of your choice, the data feed for your city, populate the property listings, and set up the apartment map if you purchased it.

Write The Content
Write The Content

We create a username and password to your site so you can write the content and fill in the template. We don't write the content otherwise all of our sites would sound the same. Unique content is the #1 contributor to SEO so this is an important step. If you hire someone to write the content for you, we will work with them to implement.

Add Optional Website Tools To Generate Leads & Optimize SEO

We can add any of these products onto your website to help you generate leads. The data feed is included in the price to build your site initially, but if you want to continue to update your website after it's launched, you will need a subscription.

Apartment Map

monthly. cancel anytime.

Our apartment map is a low cost solution to add real time apartment pricing to your website. If the WordPress theme you choose doesn’t offer a searchable map, or if you don’t want to subscribe to the data feed, the apartment map is a great choice. Website visitors can search a Google map by bedroom, price, and popular amenities.

San Diego Map Demo
Data Feed

monthly. cancel anytime.

The price of the website includes fully integrating our data feed to populate your property listings. After the website is launched, you can sign up for our data feed service to automatically update the pricing on your website each week. If you elect not to use the data feed service, we will disconnect it after the site is launched and you don’t owe a monthly fee.

San Diego Data Feed
  • Jodi is highly respected in her industry and shows sincere interest in her clients. She recognizes the strengths and weakness of her clients and reaches out to help them to initiate creative ideas and to also think 'outside the box'. Jodi is very clever and imaginative and she is always experimenting with new programs to help her continue to grow and improve so she can help her clients to do the same. She excels at developing programs and websites and is skilled at turning problems into opportunities. Jodi and I have an effective working relationship and I would recommend her service to anyone. She is a wonderful person with a caring attitude.

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