We build apartment locator websites with data feed integration

We build apartment locating websites for locators that also want to subscribe to our apartment data feed. Unfortunately we do not build sites unless you are a subscriber. We can create an apartment locating website faster than any other company because we know our data better than any other company. However, we realize not every locator needs our data feed so hiring a third party designer might be better for your budget. There are thousands of reputable WordPress developers and website designers to choose. Below are some questions you should ask before hiring a designer.

Before You Hire A Website Designer

Most WordPress developers are legit, but please do your research and due diligence before you hire a person or company. Make sure you check out their work and contact the owner of the sites and ask some critical questions.

Unfortunately we’ve had numerous apartment locators hire us AFTER they hired another company to build their site. Often times developers will give you an extremely low quote to gain your business, but underestimate the work.

An apartment locating website is technically complicated. It sounds like a straightforward listing site, but once they get into the data, it becomes hundreds of hours they didn’t expect. They either ask you for more money, or more often, they stop returning your calls.

Qualifying Questions

  • Which real estate themes have they worked with previously? Buying a theme they aren't familiar with can create massive delays.
  • How many real estate sites have they designed?
  • Have they implemented an XML data feed or MLS feed before?
  • If so, ask the domain name and look at it online. If not, I would pass.
  • How many years of experience do they have?
  • Ask for at least three referrals from real estate clients and call/email all of them. Ask critical questions about timing, expense, and delivery.
Qualifying Questions