Design and 12 months of support for $1500 – $2000

What's Included for $1500 - $2000

  • Custom domain through GoDaddy if you don’t have one. ($25/year max)
  • Professional email address at your custom domain so you can send out email marketing campaigns. You can’t send out email marketing with a free email account at gmail or yahoo.
  • 12 months of hosting and support on our server. Includes all security software, daily backups, and IT support. ($180/year additional).
  • Install and set up your selected Houzez WordPress theme.
  • Install an SSL certificate to make it secure as required by Google.
  • A list of homework assignments to give us basic content for the home, about us, and contact page.
  • Pick any 50 properties from our IDX and we will import them as featured properties on your website and display them as a grid on your home page. This one import is free, future runs require a monthly data subscription (optional).
  • We will perform a basic SEO evaluation using SEM Rush software and then create a strategy based on low competition keywords.
  • Install the IDX if you purchased this separately for $99/month.
  • One integration from your website to a CRM, email marketing, or other third-party system.
  • Upon completion you will have a website with approximately 55-60 pages with low competition keywords and high end featured apartment listings.

What's Not Included

  • Customizations to the theme are very limited.
  • We don’t update the property listings unless you purchase a an IDX data subscription.
  • We don’t write blog posts or add content to your website unless you purchase it from us separately. New content is critical to increase your rank so if you don’t purchase content from us, you need to have another strategy.
  • We don’t write content about you or your company for the website. You need to write the content with your homework assignment.
  • We don’t design logos or provide graphic design services. Fiverr.com is a reliable platform if you need to hire a graphic designer.
  • We don’t set up Google Workspaces or Outlook for email.
  • We don’t set up social media profiles, CRM’s, or email marketing systems.
  • We don’t generate social media posts or assist with outbound marketing.
  • We don’t create Adwords or Pay-Per-Click campaigns.
  • After the website is launched, we don’t drive traffic to your site. Advertising and marketing is a completely different industry and skill set. Marketing a website in a large city like Dallas will need a different strategy than a website in Charlotte. We can’t be proficient in all areas and we don’t have experience in marketing so we recommend you hire a marketing service or plan to do it yourself.

IDX Integration Add-On

When you purchase a website you have the option to add data for $99 per month.

  • Our IDX is the cheapest and easiest way to add searchable apartment listings to your website.
  • Integrating the IDX with your website requires a monthly data subscription. This integration includes the apartment map, contact forms, and data feed for $99/month.
  • The regular price of the data feed is $299 per month but we include it for free for our website clients.
  • The IDX is an optional add-on, but keep in mind static websites don’t rank and static contact forms are an outdated practice that fails to convert website visitors into clients. The IDX converts website visitors at a much higher rate.
  • If you decide to integrate our IDX with your website, it becomes dynamic and frequently updated. Google ranks websites higher that are updated frequently with a freshness date.
  • By investing in a professional website and adding searchable apartment listings, you position your business as a trusted and reliable resource that Google will reward with an impressive rank.

Google Search Engine Optimization

We will perform a basic SEO evaluation before we build your site to create a page naming strategy.

  • A quality website acts as the cornerstone of your SEO strategy, boosting both organic and local search visibility.
  • Without a quality SEO strategy your website becomes a very expensive business card.
  • After the design is complete, you should start marketing your website immediately with social media posts and email marketing.
  • We use best practices in website design and content optimization, so you’ll rank higher in search engine results, ensuring that your business is easily discoverable by potential clients searching for apartments online.
  • We use high end software to construct your SEO strategy, find low competition keywords, and design a URL naming strategy.

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