Consultation & Custom Quote Needed

Average design cost $5,000+ and a $249 monthly data and support fee. Actual cost will be determined after our consultation.

Website, Data & Monthly Support Included

A lead generating website requires months of consistency. It’s time consuming and requires significant understanding of how to use data to generate leads. It’s a long game for committed locators. You cannot build a lead generating website without data.

Initially your website will probably rank on page 20 or higher of Google search results. Your rank needs to improve to page 1, 2, or 3 to generate organic leads which could take 6-12 months in a competitive market.

While we are building your SEO during the first 6 months, you can generate leads through outbound marketing. Use email marketing and social media to promote your site and share your content. We will also provide some online leads from apartments.com and rent.com to generate some fast cash.

  • We integrate your apartment locating website with our IDX. All IDX lead capture tools are installed and included to capture leads 24/7.
  • The data feed is installed and runs weekly as part of our monthly content strategy. A data feed is one of the fastest ways to build SEO organically. Google loves data that’s updated frequently.
  • Unfortunately, Google isn’t going to take traffic away from existing locating websites and give it to your new site. Improving your rank takes months and patience. Our monthly support includes a content strategy the first 6 months to get Google’s attention. This content is discounted significantly than if you hired a copywriter.
  • Google loves our apartment map. It increases SEO by increasing the average time spent on your website. The average time website visitors stay on your site is a metric Google uses to rank sites.
  • Our monthly support includes IT and technical support. We host the site on our server, install security software to prevent malware, back up the site daily, and cover the cost of WordPress plugins and updates.
  • This website requires the monthly subscription of $249 because it’s pointless to invest this much money into a website and not have data. We would be setting you up for failure. If you purchased our products separately, it would cost $500/month. Website clients receive a 50% discount.
  • If you don’t want a monthly maintenance fee, choose the WordPress Intermediate package.
  • Cancellation: If for some reason you need to cancel the monthly support, you can cancel with 30 days advanced notice. We need 30 days to remove the IDX tools and disconnect the data feed. You own the website and keep the website as-is but it becomes a static site without the data. If you want to keep the site active, you need to purchase hosting. You can purchase cheap hosting from us and keep it on our server, or we can move it to GoDaddy or any other hosting company you choose. If you don’t want to keep the site active we can zip the files and email them to you or destroy the site with your written permission.

Google Search Engine Optimization

We will perform an advanced SEO evaluation before we build your site to create a strategy with low competition keywords so you can compete with existing locating websites.

  • A quality website acts as the cornerstone of your SEO strategy, boosting both organic and local search visibility.
  • Without a quality SEO strategy your website becomes a very expensive business card.
  • After the design is complete, you should start marketing your website immediately with social media posts and email marketing.
  • We use best practices in website design and content optimization, so you’ll rank higher in search engine results, ensuring that your business is easily discoverable by potential clients searching for apartments online.
  • We use high end software to construct your SEO strategy, find low competition keywords, and design a URL naming strategy.

What's Included

  • Custom domain through GoDaddy if you don’t have one. ($25/year max)
  • Professional email address at your custom domain so you can send out email marketing campaigns. You can’t send out email marketing with a free email account at gmail or yahoo.
  • Hosting and support on our server. Includes all security software, daily backups, and IT support.
  • Install and set up your WordPress theme from Houzez, PointFinder, or HomePress. Other theme’s can be considered if submitted in advance.
  • Install an SSL certificate to make it secure as required by Google.
  • A list of homework assignments to give us basic content for the home, about us, and contact page.
  • Pick unlimited properties from our IDX and we will import them into your site and organize them by neighborhood to make them searchable and build SEO.
  • Install a “search” feature so visitors can search your featured listings.
  • We will perform an advanced SEO evaluation using SEM Rush software and create a strategy based on low competition keywords so you can compete against existing locating websites.
  • Install the IDX data feed to run every week to update the rent on your property listings and update the Freshness Date assigned by Google.
  • Install the apartment map and IDX contact forms so website visitors can search and save favorite properties from your IDX.
  • Two integrations from your website to a CRM, email marketing, or other third-party system if needed.

What's Not Included

  • Customizations to the theme as needed. We will create custom pages as needed.
  • We don’t write content about you or your company for the website. You need to write the content with your homework assignment.
  • We don’t design logos or provide graphic design services. Fiverr.com is a reliable platform if you need to hire a graphic designer.
  • We don’t set up Google Workspaces or Outlook for email.
  • We don’t set up social media profiles, CRM’s, or email marketing systems.
  • We don’t generate social media posts or assist with outbound marketing.
  • We don’t create Adwords or Pay-Per-Click campaigns.
  • After the website is launched, we don’t drive traffic to your site. Advertising and marketing is a completely different industry and skill set. Marketing a website in a large city like Dallas will need a different strategy than a website in Charlotte. We can’t be proficient in all areas and we don’t have experience in marketing so we recommend you hire a marketing service or plan to do it yourself.

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