Design and 12 months of support for $899

What's Included for $899

  • Custom domain through GoDaddy if you don’t have one. ($25/year max)
  • Professional email address at your custom domain so you can send out email marketing campaigns. You can’t send out email marketing with a free email account at gmail or yahoo.
  • 12 months of hosting and support on our server. Includes all security software, daily backups, and IT support. ($180/year additional).
  • Install and set up your selected Houzez WordPress theme.
  • Install an SSL certificate to make it secure as required by Google.
  • A list of homework assignments to give us basic content for the landing page.
  • Install the IDX if you purchased this separately for $99/month.
  • One integration from your website to a CRM, email marketing, or other third-party system.

What's Not Included

  • Customizations to the theme are very limited.
  • We don’t write content about you or your company for the website. You need to write the content with your homework assignment.
  • We don’t design logos or provide graphic design services. is a reliable platform if you need to hire a graphic designer.
  • We don’t set up Google Workspaces or Outlook for email.
  • We don’t set up social media profiles, CRM’s, or email marketing systems.
  • We don’t generate social media posts or assist with outbound marketing.
  • We don’t create Adwords or Pay-Per-Click campaigns.
  • After the website is launched, we don’t drive traffic to your site. Advertising and marketing is a completely different industry and skill set. Marketing a website in a large city like Dallas will need a different strategy than a website in Charlotte. We can’t be proficient in all areas and we don’t have experience in marketing so we recommend you hire a marketing service or plan to do it yourself.

IDX Integration Add-On

When you purchase a website you have the option to add data for $99 per month.

  • Our IDX is the cheapest and easiest way to add searchable apartment listings to your website.
  • You can add the apartment map and contact forms to this WordPress Landing Page.
  • You cannot add the data feed unless you upgrade to another package.
  • The IDX is an optional add-on, but keep in mind static websites don’t rank and static contact forms are an outdated practice that fails to convert website visitors into clients. The IDX converts website visitors at a much higher rate.
  • By investing in a professional website and adding searchable apartment listings, you position your business as a trusted and reliable resource for leads and contacts looking for a new apartment.

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