Set Up Deesign Fee $899 + $249/month

"As a full time apartment locator, the absence of searchable apartment listings on your website can result in leads questioning your relationships with relevant properties."

Since 2016, we’ve built 75-100 apartment locating websites. Many times locators hire our team AFTER another company was unable to deliver and took their money. Developers are famous for giving a low quote to gain your business, but when they realize they’ve underestimated the work they either ask for more money or just stop returning your calls. Unfortunately you never get your money back.

We can set up a WordPress website faster than any other developer because no one knows our data and our products better than us. Put your mind at ease knowing our professionals can set up and install your WordPress theme, connect and import our data feed, and populate your apartment listings with zero mistakes. 

We can set up future runs of the data feed automatically for free so your website listings are always up to date. Keeping your listings updated each week is one of the fastest ways to boost SEO.

Benefits of hiring our team

  • The fastest way to set up our data feed on your website without costly mistakes.
  • Ensure the licensing agreement is followed and avoid penalties.
  • We set up an automated weekly schedule to run the data feed and boost your SEO for free using our software key ($20/mo value).
  • Premium support from our team to validate your data feed and troubleshoot any future issues.

Pick A Template

We recommend the Houzes real estate theme because it has 30+ professional templates. Check out the demo's below. If you have another template in mind, we can discuss it.

Complete Homework

We have a homework checklist that tells you the exact content we need from you before we start your website project so we can deliver it fast.

Quick Turn Around

After you submit your homework we can complete your website in a couple of weeks. We design and host your website on our server so we can deliver quickly.

What's Included

  • Our apartment locating WordPress theme is integrated with our Locator IDX so your website visitors can search your IDX and save properties to a list.
  • The website includes the data feed, apartment map, and IDX contact forms at a significant discount than if you purchased the products separately.
  • The data feed is the fastest way to build SEO and rank your website to generate organic leads because Google LOVES our data feed.
  • Google also LOVES our apartment map because it’s built on the latest Google Mapping API and it also increases your SEO and average time spent on your website.
  • The property listings, map, and contact forms capture leads on your website 24/7.
  • We charge an initial design fee to set up and host your website on our server.
  • The ongoing monthly fee covers all website maintenance, tech support, running the data feed every week, apartment map, blog posts, SEO builder, WordPress theme, plugins, and Locator IDX software.

How Much Does It Cost

  • First, we install WordPress on our server, set up the theme, link your domain, and install an SSL certificate.
  • Next, we use the homework assignments you completed to add basic content to the home page and contact page.
  • Last, we install the data feed, apartment map, and contact forms so you can start marketing your website.
  • The cost of this work @ $75/hour is approximately $3,500 but to make it affordable we charge an initial set up fee of $899 + $249 per month.

Why Do You Charge A Monthly Fee

  • The monthly fee allows us to essentially break up your website into monthly payments and break up the work load over several months. We used to charge $3,500 – $6,500 all up front which most locators can’t afford.
  • The monthly maintenance included in the fee is the ultimate “set it and forget” website solution for locators who aren’t tech savvy. WordPress websites are very technical, lots of things can go wrong with a simple plugin update.
  • The monthly fee covers the ongoing assistance from our team and our IDX lead generating tools to build SEO the first 6 months. You’re probably not an SEO expert so our ongoing support is going to be critical to generate organic leads.
  • The monthly fee also covers all tech support, security software, and daily backups to make sure your website doesn’t get infected with malware. If something unforseen happens to your website, we can restore it in less than 5 minutes from a daily back up.
  • Cancellation: If you cancel the $249 monthly marketing fee, you keep the website as-is but we remove the IDX tools and your website becomes a static site. You can purchase hosting from us for $180 per year to keep it on our server, or you need to purchase hosting from a company like GoDaddy and we will move your static website for free.
  • We are confident the website will generate enough leads to produce a return on investment that is three times the cost of the website each month.

Integrated With Locator IDX

  • As a full time apartment locator, the absence of searchable apartment listings on your website can result in leads questioning your relationships with relevant properties.
  • Static websites don’t rank and static contact forms are an outdated practice that fails to convert website visitors into clients. Our WordPress theme is integrated with our IDX so your website is always changes and Google will rank it higher and faster.
  • Our Locator IDX publishes apartment listings on your website and keeps them up-to-date. It’s a front-end and back-end suite of products for apartment locating professionals.
  • By investing in a professional website and adding searchable apartment listings, you position your business as a trusted and reliable resource for clients seeking a new apartment.

Pays For Itself

  • Investing in a quality website should pay you back within a few months by generating new leads.
  • The first six months we add new content to your website to get Google’s attention.
  • It takes approximately 4-6 months for Google to rank your website and start generating organic leads.
  • If the average commission rate is 50% of the first month’s rent, then a skillful locator can recoup the money in a few transactions.
  • The website will generate extra leads so simply close three extra transactions a month for 3-4 months and the website pays for itself.
  • If you use your website as a lead funnel your repeat and referral clients should increase by at least 20% every year.
  •  A well executed website can become your most profitable business asset that connects all of your business systems and automation.

Google Search Engine Optimization

  • A quality website acts as the cornerstone of your SEO strategy, boosting both organic and local search visibility.
  • Without a quality SEO strategy your website becomes a very expensive business card.
  • After the design is complete, you should start marketing your website immediately with social media posts and email marketing.
  • We use best practices in website design and content optimization, so you’ll rank higher in search engine results, ensuring that your business is easily discoverable by potential clients searching for apartments online.
  • We use high end software to construct your SEO strategy, find low competition keywords, and design a URL naming strategy.
  • After we launch your site, Google isn’t going to take traffic away from existing locating websites and give it to you. However, we execute a consistent strategy during the first 6 months to help you get to page one.

We recommend the Houzez theme becuase it's very versitile and offers the most beautiful templates

If you have another theme you would like to use, please talk to us first. Depending on the theme, there could be an extra installation fee.

After your purchase you will receive a checklist of items we need within 14 days so we can start your project.

Set Up Fee $899 + $249/month

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